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midlife crisis, bipolar or both?

My husband has been going through a midlife crisis for over a year and has pretty much followed everything by the book. multiple affairs, in love with one, rage fits, blaming me, self medicating. he's home now. His construction business has suffered greatly due to the economy and his neglect. he helps me some with my business but wants a career change. He's now trying to help me save our home and cars but has not yet put any real effort into our marriage. tells me he loves me daily, still have sex but he seems distant and depressed. he has apologized a couple of time but never admitted to any affair even though I saw texts, pictures and emails that he knows about.

We have been through this before. nine years ago when he was 38 just for a few months. I also found the woman's number from that affair in his phone several months ago.
when I look back over our 17 year marriage I see that this has happened several times and that he has probably had many affairs. I just didn't want to see it.

He seems to have many narcissistic characteristics (very scary) as well as histrionic and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by our doctor a year ago.he has also been on paxil for many years snd has been taking pain killers at least a couple of times a week for several months.
He won't get help. Is there anything I can do for him?

Noel's response

I doubt there is anything you can do for him, but you might do something for yourself, such as setting some boundaries around your relationship with him. If he has any more affairs, you may decide to leave. In other words, figure out what you will and will not put up with in your relationship, let him know, and then stick to it.

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