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Midlife Crisis Despair

My spouse of 24 years now (he is in his 40s) had to move due to career and has been gone for 3 years. There are reasons I can't move trust me. He started frequenting bars, buying outdoor sports, motorcycle,riding bike(s), safe friends (for when I visit), hidden bank/savings accounts, stopped 401K, joined online dating service, hidden email accounts, changed all passwords, had one affair I know about, has one more I believe (26 years old), house without my name on it, hidden credit card, (2) sleeping bags (weird for me to notice..I know), screams at me, calls me names, spiteful little pushes, etc. etc. Need to this midlife crisis or is this person off his rocker. He can be really nice, charming, and is a good financial provider.

Noel's response

He could be in a midlife transition, but I suspect there is more to it than that. A long-distance relationship can be hard on a marriage.

I recommend you get your name on some of the assets so you are financially safe should your marriage fall apart. I also recommend marriage counseling if he is willing.
Visit Marriage Help for some help in finding an online counselor that you both can talk to at the same time.

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