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Midlife Crisis Mood swings

by Claire


Can anyone help me!
My husband has left me 13 weeks ago due to infidelity during a midlife Crisis. He is 46 and his new girlfriend is 19.

After the initial Denial and Anger during the initial few weeks he has had numerous mood swings between being helpful and pleasant, quiet and withdrawn and projecting and blaming - towards me as well as my children who are 17 and 12. He can be quite vicious via text but has never voiced his anger directly towards us and seems to hide behind his phone.

My question is - Are there any signs or symptoms that indicate the end of a midlife crisis? How do you know when it is over? Can anyone advise on what triggers caused their partners to awaken from their denial that they are doing anything wrong and the problem is HIS problem?

Noel's response

I don't know that there are specific signs showing the end of a midlife crisis other than that the person going through it has fewer moods swings, and begins to act more rationally.

As far as his denial, and so forth, he may never realize that he is part of the problem. The challenge for you is to draw the line on his abusive behaviour, and let him know it is not acceptable. Tell him you will not accept, reply to, or read his nasty text messages, and if he wants to talk to you, he should do so face-to-face, or at least by phone.

Also let him know that he is by no means to send ANY messages to you through your kids. That is far to hard on your children.


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