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Midlife Crisis or Bipolar Disorder???

Hi, Noel my husband has left me and my children after 25 years of marriage. Since he has left at first he said he wanted to be friends still and every now and then go out for coffee or something!!! My reaction was if you cannot stay married to me why would you just want to be friends. Anyway now things have changed and he won't talk to me, won't look at me in the face if I try to talk to him. The only way we communicate sometimes is through text messages (if that). Now through my daughter I find out that he is doing all the things I suggested to do when we were married and he said no to me (e.g. going on an overseas holiday etc.). I find this all strange as to why didn't he do these things with me and now all of a sudden he wants to do them on his own (I assume)????

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