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midlife crisis or transition

should i talk to my partner about the fact that he

maybe going threw a midlife transition/crisis or is it
best to not talk about it to them even though all the signs seem to be that he is?

Noel's response

It might be useful to talk to him, assuming you do so from the point of view of providing some information, rather than making an accusation. You might suggest he look at this website and decide for himself whether he relates to the material here.

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Feb 25, 2012
idk whats happening.. maybe midlife crisis?
by: Anonymous

my husband and i have been married for 8 yrs... he is almost 42 and i am almost 28.. our marriage has been good until last 6 months it went south.. i feel he is going through a mlc... he has went way back into his past leaving me and the 2 kids home hurting while he took a 2 day road trip.. he went to go see a girl that was his first love.. he lso searched for another love... he has been with her in our house cause he go a ro to hav m rmoved cause i wasnt leaving.. now hes kicking her out and he stll says we r divorcing.. its hurting me and our kids ver badly.. he slept with his girl and he apologize for hurting me.. can ayone please help and give me some advice s to whats happning to him

Feb 08, 2012
Communication is Key
by: Toni LaMotta

Men often have a harder time communicating than women. Perhaps what you are calling a midlife crisis is something else. Rather than give him a label, I would tell him about an article you read and ask how it relates to BOTH of you. Keep it non- judgmental and he'll know you really care and want to know rather than FIX what you see as a problem.

You might also want to get more support for yourself at
Lots of others go there as well...

Feb 07, 2012
Midlife crisis or transition
by: NWF

It becomes a crisis when you find out if he is having an affair and your life falls apart!

Try this web site for him: It has info for men and they can sign up to the "men forum" which might help him also.

I am also a woman going thru this and have been for 2 years with my 53 yo husband. I am 55 years old now. I have recently purchased "In Sheep's Clothing" by George Simon Jr., PhD and found it extremely helpful to me--the best book yet since my H is also a good manipulator and has a covert aggressive personality as well as having a MLC. Noel recommends this book often also.

I did give my H some info at the beginning of this and he did read it--wouldn't now though, he's too far gone emotionally. Don't know what he thought about it since he never told me. He tells his OW everything though. We have been separated for 1.5 years now and his affair seems to be having some problems--don't know what they are. He filed for the div. just 6 weeks after starting to reconnect with his ex-highschool GF from 35 years ago that lived 1700 miles away. She moved here after 6 months of telephone talk. They do not live together-my H was smart enough for this after I gave him some advice. It seems he may have actually listened to that advice--but not now. The div. is still happening. He didn't like the Final Orders so he filed for an Appeal with the NH Supreme Court--the "have to win" complex with an aggressive personality. I have been though an exhausting 2 years with this and hope you fair better with your H.

Hugs for you.

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