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midlife crisis

by TEE

The question

My boyfriend is 59, and I am 49. We have been friends for 15 years and dating for 4 years.

Recently his daughter got married and some things that happened at the wedding with his ex-wife upset him so much. He said he has to move away and take a new job and start over. Life means nothing to him.

He is sorry that we can't be together because he will be gone but that he will always love me. He doesn't call or seem to treat my feelings as importance lately.

I am trying hard to understand but for some reason I want to blame myself. Why? I am trying to read as much as I can and I have suggested he see his doctor to discuss his feelings.

Noel's response

My only suggestion is that you get some therapy yourself to help figure out why you want to blame yourself for his behaviour.

Good luck.

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