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Mind always young about sex

by Ashish
(Satna M.P India)


I'm 45 yr young. 21 yr has passed with a successful sex life . after 20 yr. of marriage
am unable to make sex relation.

Before 20 yr we make sex relation daily almost,
but since one yr when we are going to start, within 2 minutes we both tired, breath fast.

I don't feel erection. After a very long try i cant stand & stiff (strong) my penis. some time i have medicine( alopathy , homeopathic, Ayurvedic) but no result.

if some time i got success, I discharge within 30 second... so plssss suggest some guarantied suggestion.
Thnx Rgrds

Noel's response

I suggest the first thing you do is get a thorough medical. A man your age should not tire out in a couple of minutes.

I also suggest some sexual therapy, but only after a medical examination. Your inability to get an erection, and your ejaculating almost immediately when you do, suggests there is an emotional aspect to your sexual problems as well.

You don't mention medications such as viagra, but that might be an alternative once you have tried the first recommendations above.

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