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MLC Symptoms

by Poohbear

Hi Noel.

We have been married nearly 21 years,its always been a bit rocky,but he did used to take me shopping and sometime to KFC etc He never used to go to the gym on a regular basis and we used to make love.
Now its almost 2 years since we made love,he doesnt spend time with me,nor does he take me shopping. I asked if he was cheating on me and answer was Youve always accused me ever since we met. He spends a lot of time in the gym (more than he used to),lost weight.
What drives me up the wall is his cell phone (mobile),I ask who hes texting,answer he gives GOD. When someone phones him on it,he goes outside with it,sometimes he says it is work,other times he doesnt say.He says he does this because Im nosy. Says Im controlling and manipulative.
I find it hard to trust him has he lied to me.We were up the rugby club,he got a phone call and said it was our oldest son,then phone went again and again and finally I shouted out I dont believe its Oliver,your a liar and I took off,he came after me and said Thanks for making a scene,I said Your welcome.he went back to the club.
He has just turned horrible towards me,saying he hates me. Are these signs of MLC?????
Ps hes 11 years younger than me,hes 41.

Noel's response

It might be a midlife transition, but I suspect it is complicated by your rocky relationship. You are suspicious of him, which is hard for a spouse to endure, and in turn, he acts in ways that you interpret as suspicious.
I suggest marriage counseling. Without it, you might be heading for separation.

Comments for MLC Symptoms

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Feb 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

The men will stay in a relationship, even a bad one, until something better (and more secure in their eyes) comes along. Chances are good that he is having an affair. Seek couseling if he does not want to go; go on your own.

Feb 14, 2012
Sounds lile he is up to something
by: Anonymous

I don't know but it kind of sounds like he may be seeing someone. The secrecy the increase in gym time to buff up. I have seen the same in my husband who finally walked out 3 months ago. I hope he is receptive to counseling but if there is already someone else don't be surprised if he refuses. These guys already feel they are doing the right thing and are completely self centred about it. Find good friends and if your suspicions increase then seek professional help. In the meantime make sure your own assets are secure. My heart goes out to you look after yourself.

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