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by Louise

Hello Noel my husband has been home now for six months , I believe or rather hope he is in the depression withdrawal stage.he still cannot handle conflict or being called out on anything , what I was wondering is , is it normal for him to just want to lay with his head on my lap ? He also seems to struggle to put any effort in holding me and kissing me although he says its me he loves and wants to be with. We have been intimate but he doesn't seem very enthused, and it's deffinately not the same will this improve in time do you think ? He also doesn't seem to show much remorse but lots of guilt and shame thank you your input and advise is so helpful at this horrendous time

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Feb 08, 2016
feminine perspective
by: Ms. Mikiyah

Greetings & Salutations Louise from central Wisconsin:

Cherish the very real & vivid moments you share with your albeit, so-close-but-yet-so-far-too-distant husband. Try to remind him (via your emotions) & his remembrances of when you two felt the same (or not) for any experiences he is undergoing with you by his side. In time, things should improve. Oh by the way, I completely agree with Noel's perspective. Perhaps his referral may help you both. I wish you both brilliant, white light engulfed in Divine Blessings . . .

Feb 07, 2016

by: Noel

My guess is it will improve in time, but I am not a psychologist. You might drop Jed Diamond a note at He has worked with MANY couples and may have some advice.
All the best,

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