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My 32-year old boyfriend DUMPED me!

by Shing Min
(Beleview California)

My 32-year old boyfriend dumped me and told me really hurtful stuff over the phone. Yes he dumped me over the phone. I am 24 and he is turning 33 this year. Whenever we fight, he always tells me he didn't like me from the start. But as soon as we're ok, he says he loves me, and to be honest, I do feel he loves me. It's just that:

1.) he doesn't tell me what he is doing
2.) he makes up stories like I don't trust him and I doubt him even if I DONT!

When he dumped me over the phone I cried really hard and had a hard time breathing, he just told me oxygen in a sarcastic tone.

Yesterday 3 days after he dump me, he went to my house and asks for forgiveness, he told me "I didn't mean it, I still love you."

I didn't say a word. He wants us to talk again, WHAT SHOULD I DO, please help me. I like him but he can't treat me and hurt me this way all the time just because he's mad.

Noel's response

I suggest you dump him. I don't think he is in a midlife transition, I think he is just immature.

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