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My 48-year-old boyfriend is avoiding me.

by Lyn
(Miami, Florida.)

The Question

I have been dating my 48 year-old boyfriend for about four months. He is a wonderful, gentle man.
After a month of dating we had a sex.

I noticed a few signs of midlife crisis in him. He loves having sex with me, almost every nite. But lately he always refuses to meet me, or if I want to come over he says he is tired or has too much work to do. He is a very busy man as a lawyer.

I started to think he might have met someone a lot younger than me. I'm 41 years old. But he denied it. I am still kind of suspicious toward him.

He is a real workaholic. Even on weekends he prefers to stay home, work and sleep. I love his company..even without sex.

What should I do to make him comfortable about having me around? I think he is worried that he can't give me good sex.
Thank you.

Noel's response

It is possible he has 'had his fling' with an attractive, sexy woman (you), and discovered it did not fill the hole he feels inside. Perhaps he is working through other issues he thought a relationship would solve, and it didn't.

I don't know what you can do, except let him know you care about him and are available if he wants to be with you, if that would be satisfying to you. Otherwise, you might want to let him go and move on.

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