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My bf ejaculates too quickly...

Hi I'm 24 years old and I've been with my bf (38 years old) for almost a year now.. we are extremely sexually active because he know's that I pretty much "need it" at least 3 times a day to have absolutely no tension throughout my day.. call me crazy but that's how I am.. unfortunately, we've been experiencing him cumming a bit too soon almost all the time.. usually he'll cum right before reaching 2 mins.. the good thing is that usually on trips, he'll out do me.. but then again we'll rarely go on trips bc we can't afford it.. he really does try but I can't have an open communication about this because he'll automatically get defensive and I'll end up frustrated bc I didn't get "mine." Is there anything i can do to help this problem? I really love him and I don't want to keep "complexing" his ego.. any advise would help at this point.. thank u in advance...

Noel's response

Sex therapy for you as a couple would likely be helpful. I don't know what else you do for sexual satisfaction besides have intercourse, but oral sex can be helpful in giving a woman and orgasm before intercourse. Perhaps that could help.

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Feb 09, 2012
my bf ejaculates too quickly
by: Anonymous

my bf has the same problem and he is the same age and does not perform oral sex because of religous reasons his name is tony hope were not dating the same guy

Jan 20, 2012
age difference
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately he is not able to perform oral due to religious circumstances... And usually second time around he'll loose his breathe which will usually occur into him loosing his erection as well... My first impression of this was maybe I wasn't turning him on but he made sure to clarify that for me. He usually says its because he's out of breathe, or that he has a lot on his mind, or he feels intimidated... I'll try the sex therapy thank you...

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