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My Boyfriend has lost his sex drive at 29

My boyfriend who is going to be 29 in 6 days has lost his sex drive for about a week now. What is going on. He says that he doesn't understand whats happen just that he doesn't care about sex anymore. And he is quite a sex man. He loves his sex. He could do it every night maybe 10 times a night he is a sex MANIAC! And now he doesn't want it...whats wrong with him?

Noel's response

The first thing I can recommend is that he get a thorough medical, as there may be a physical reason for losing interest in sex.

Assuming he is OK physically, there may be a psychological reason, such as depression. You can check the 'depression/irritability' page on this site for symptoms of depression in men, as they are different than symptoms of depression in women.

Perhaps a visit with a sex therapist would be useful as well.

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