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My boyfriend left me after 6,5 years togehter

We were together with my partner for 6 and a half years. He is 46 now, I'm 17 years younger. We moved to another country together 1 year ago, because he had his job there. I gave up my job and we moved. He works for the same company for 25 years.When we got together he told me he doesn't want kids anymore, he has 1 daughter from his marriage that ended when he was less than 30 years old, he cheated on his wife, they got separated, but not divorced. Anyway, we talked it through, and though he wanted to leave me then, as he thought he cannot ask me for not to have kids, I thought it through and decided that I accept this.

We also talked about that he has no problem with getting married...This discussion happened 4 years ago, everything went perfect since.Till 3 weeks ago, he told me that he wants to break up. He doesn't have anyone else, no money problem, and he said he doesn't know what he wants in his life, but thinks in our relationship should come the next step, the marriage, and he doesn't want with me, he thinks our relationship should stop now. He was crying so hard when he left me. 1 week later I want to our home to pack my things, he was in a really bad shape, no food, doesn't do much other than work. I went with him to shop, we cooked something together, did show him what works how, then before started to pack my things together, told him, that as he can see I accept his decision, but I know it's not our relationship, but there is something that he needs to figure out alone now, and when he is finished I will be there. He started to cry again, asked that if then it's not a problem if we talk sometimes then, but then was really helpful with packing my things together.

Will he come back? Is it about the same problem again like 4 years ago? He could not say anything that could be a problem with us, we always spend great time together, I'm his only true friend as living abroad, people even do speak a different language, hard to find new friends. Is it midlife crisis and he will come to his senses and come back? I'm trying to get my life sorted out till then.

Noel's response

It does sound as though he is in a midlife transition/crisis. I don't know whether he will come back.

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