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My fiancee, the father of my six year old left me.

by yam
(brawley, ca)

I have been with him six years seven months. I helped raise his other three kids. Since they were small, one of them still in diapers. I love them all as if they were my own. We then had our daughter, she's six years old.

We weren't the richest or had the best things in life but we had our family and we were close and we had our love. I helped him fight for his kids custody, I did everything for my family, i would die for my family.

When his parents and other family called him a failure and gave up on him I was his main supporter! I gave my all for my fiancee and my family. Now he says that he's been thinking about it and he feels he hasn't been "alone" in a while. How could you be alone if you have four kids?? At first I was trying to understand this and what could be wrong. He goes out every weekend, Friday, Saturday, and sometimes even Sundays. He plays basketball during the week. He does whatever whenever and I stay home with the kids. So how is he unhappy? Why is he being so selfish? Just a couple weeks ago he was hugging me loving me kissing me! Now this.

I am heartbroken for my six year old. I lost my fiancee and my three step kids and the love we had and the happiness we shared. The happy times there were more way more happy times than bad ones. Why did he give up so easily? He says he feels nothing at all for me. I feel so used. Is it me or what? Help. Any comments help.

Noel's response

Your comment that 'you gave your all for your fiance and your family' suggests you may not have very strong boundaries.

I suggest some counseling to help you figure out what you want in YOUR life, with or without him.

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Oct 31, 2011
My fiancé, father of my six yr old left me
by: Anonymous

He wasn't with you for the right reasons. You can never be a man or "boy's" mother/girlfriend/lover/down-for-whatever chick. You gave him everything he has/will ever need but you lost yourself along the way. Never be willing to compromise your morals for any human being! Love yourself first

Oct 01, 2011
by: yam

wow your right.

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