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my first love who is married for 2years wants to come back in my life after seven years! what must I do ?? I'm confused!

by jessy

my ex and first love who's married for 2 years came back in my life after seven years! What must I do?? I'm confused!

Noel's response

You haven't provided much information, so it is hard for me to suggest anything. But here are a couple of cautions:
- he has been married for only two years and now is either leaving his marriage and wants to be with you or
- he wants to have an affair with you

I would be cautious about either situation. If he wants to leave his wife after only two years of marriage it suggests he is not yet mature enough to be in a lasting relationship.

If he wants to stay in his marriage, but have an affair with you, you will lose. Even if he eventually leaves his wife to be with you, you will know that he could do the same thing to you that he did to her.

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