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My husband accidently called me and I heard him talking to another woman

by My own me K28
(little rock, ar, )

My husband was out with his cousins and he accidentally called my parents house. I heard him talking to another woman, and telling her how good her body looks and how damn amazing it is, and that he couldn't even go to the port a potty because her body was so fine. and that he was married is that okay, and that he loves how nice her ass is. and when I couldn't take anymore I cussed him the hello out. the lady didn't care that he was married, he raced home trying to stop me from leaving. and was crying, but I asked why. He said that he was just trying to see if he has it, and that he didn't even keep her number how sorry he was...and everything under the sun.

I told him to be honest. he was like it as nothing but I heard him talking to the woman and tell her that he was sorry if his approach was wrong, or if she was disrespected by the way he approached her. he said he was just trying to prove to his cousins that he still could. we have been together for 11 yrs and have 3 small children.

I don't know what to believe really. I want to let it go, he said that is all that he was trying to do. And I don't know should I blame myself because he always ask me to go out with him, and I say no you can go because I trust him. but I don't know because the way he talked to the woman sounded like it could have been something there, and he didn't put it in the phone when he gave it to her because his phone was still on I was listening until I hung up and cussed him. but I believe he had time to he told me that if he was serious he would have done it and placed it under another number.

But I don't know what to believe the fact that he said he was trying to see if he still had it, and he would have touched her ass if she let him, or the fact that he came rushing home right after I busted him...or is that just a way to make me still be unsuspecting he said that he is happy but he really be lying. just to throw me off.

So I would be unsuspecting I felt there were problems like distance but do you think that he was truthful or that he did take her number, and that he wants both worlds, he said that all she had going was her ass but I think men just say that when they are caught. I may be answering my own questions. I wanted just to forget it but it keeps popping up in my mind what do I need to do? Please help what do you think I should do? what do you think?

Noel's response

I don't know what to recommend, except that you talk more with your husband about it, perhaps with a marriage counselor. If you don't, chances are your marriage will suffer more, as you will no longer trust him.

He could be telling the truth... that he was just proving to his cousin (and even more so himself), that he is still attractive to women. Both men and women often experience such self-doubt as they get older, and have been out of the 'game' for a while.

Perhaps other readers will have some thoughts on this.

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