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i've been married for 6 months my husband likes to spend time with his female dog all the time if he goes to the bathroom he tells her to come with him if were going out he says to me why can't she go out to dinner to if he takes a shower he calls her with him if he doing work around the houses she right behind him he trips over her all the time we argue about this dog he tells me i had her for seven years i didn't have a girlfriend it was just me and her when its time to eat i don't want her in the kitchen he gets mad cause he feels that she should before i moved in she uses to sleep with him shes a big pit bull i moved in he moved his things in the room he have fixed up for this dog she has a real full size bed he picks fights with me so he can sleep on the couch with this dog when he wake up in the morning he's rubbing this dog like he's in love with her like she is his wife thats before he goes to work he tells her he loves her how pretty she is that he's gonna miss her while he's gone and me he walks right out the door don't even say good bye when he comes home from work he runs in don't even speak to me he works 13 hours gets her take her out side and spend time with her takes his shower shes in there to then he's back on the couch with her again i asked him why didn't you marry this dam dog becauses thats who you act like your wife he says im jealous of this dog i'm never jealous of this dog he is crazy if i try to hug him myself the dog stands up and break between us and he stops hugging me and start hugging and kissing this dog am i crazy or something is not right with this picture she even stills food off the counter he says she just wants to smell it only who in the hell wants a dog smelling and licking on their food did i say that the dog stinks real bad he never bathe her so plus i get real sick when the dog is around me i break out plus i have asmtha he said if push come to shove he will get rid of me before he get rid of his dog. im ready for a divorce he says she comes first

Noel's response

I think his message to you is clear: the dog is more important to him than you are.
It makes sense to me that you would divorce him.

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