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my husband doesnt know what he wants

Six weeks ago my husband left me for another woman. He is not living with her though, as he said she has a boyfriend, but he can't stop thinking about her. He also said that he loves me now only as a friend.

He doesn't want to come home, and always says we will take it one day at a time, that he has to be sure of what he really wants. I'm still paying bills and have access to his account.

He said he hopes that everything that is happening now is a mistake. When I heard that, I realized why not give him a chance? Let him go leave the house. It's probably that he is unsure of what he is doing, so I told him okay you can leave and have the space that you want. The door is always open for you.

My question with this situation: is there any chance that my marriage will be whole again?
I am so confused, I also what to know why can't he look at me anymore? Does it mean he really doesn't love me anymore?

Noel's response

Please read the other responses I have made to other women who have written in with similar questions. It is possible your marriage will be whole again, but it is also possible it won't be. I do not know how to predict either way.

I suspect he is not willing to look directly at you because he is embarrassed about his behaviour.

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