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My husband going through midlife crisis?

The Question

After 25 years of marriage my husband, I assume, is going through midlife crisis.

We had everything you could ask for: home, good business, my husband has a Harley Davidson, boat, scooter etc.

He is aged 48 and all of a sudden wants to be on his own in his own apartment only going out with his male, single, divorced friends and now I believe he has found a new partner who is 8 years younger.

For a man who has always been family-orientated and a good father, I just cannot understand what would cause a man to do this. Please do you have an answer?

Noel's response

I think you have already given the answer: He sounds as though he is having a major midlife transition into what Daniel Levinson in his book The Seasons of a Man's Life the 'Age Fifty Transition", which is often a major transition into the last stage of our life, and what in Europe is called the 'Third Age'.

You may find the book Crossing the Soul's River
useful in understanding what he may be going through.

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