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My husband left me for another woman

by Elaine

Recently I married(10.12.11)my partener of 23 years. I thought we where very happy. The wedding was fantastic from start to finish. Just three days later we jetted off on honeymoon to Florida for a month. After the first week he became very distant. Not joining in any activities. I caught him texting several times,refused to say whom he was communicating with. Even caused petty arguments.

I found a card in the hire car thinking some else had left it behind, turned out to be his.(A woman from work) who had been invited to our wedding but didn't turn up. On returning home these petty squables continued. He refused to socialise with me and our friends. Then 3rd February we had a massive row, Gut instinct told me he was having an affair. On the % February retuning from work, I found he had left lock stock and barrel. No note.......nothing. He didn't say he was going. He took keys to the house but left his mobile phone. I have contacted him through a friend. My husband refuses to talk to me. I have recently been told he is having an affair, and now living with this other woman. What can I do I love him very much, I meant my wedding vows. Is this due to a mid life crisis?

Noel's response

It might be due to a midlife crisis, complicated by getting married. I am not sure why it happens, but I know a number of couples who have lived together for many years, got married, and split up within a couple of years. I think they thought living together and marriage were about the same thing, but there is a big difference, in that marriage is a promise and a vow, whereas living together is simply an arrangement both people agree on. It doesn't bring the same kind of level of commitment that marriage does.

As for what you can do, I can only recommend you take whatever action you need to in order to protect you share of whatever assets you built up over the time you were together, and move on with your life. He may or may not want to come back at some point, and you may or may not want him back ever if he does want to!

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