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My husband left me pregnant

by Sandra

My husband is 32yrs old we have been married for 3yrs and have been together for a total of 9year. Just this last December I found out he was cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend, the girl never knew that he was already married and with a baby on the way!

I confronted him about it and at first he wanted to work things out but when i made him call her he completely changed his mind towards the whole situation..

Instead he said things would not work out he didn't love me never did and our marriage was not real. 3 days later he came home with divorce paper work.

I told him that i was not going to go through this while I am pregnant and that if he didn't want to be part of it then to leave and let me enjoy my pregnancy, he said i was still gonna get them after i had the baby!...

All of a sudden his so cruel and mean towards me when just the night before all this he kissed me made love to me and told me he loved me...Could he be going through a midlife crisis! and do men go get over it...!

Noel's response

He sounds immature and frightened. I would make sure to talk to a lawyer and protect yourself legally so he can't skip out on paying support, just because he is being a boy in man's clothing regarding your marriage.

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