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My husband of 12 years says he doesn't love me anymore!

by Marcia

My very loving husband told me one night he was tired of being a husband, father, tired of working and tired of going to church! I got mad when he said this and suggested we spend some time apart. After I cooled down a bit I told him I was sorry for my reaction and suggested counseling. He got angry and said he was not taking drugs for depression ect.

I let the subject drop. On Sunday while I was at church he sent me a text message and said sorry he left! Now he says he doesn't love me anymore and enjoys seeing me hurt! He will talk to me daily about anything except about coming home. He says he doesn't have a girlfriend, but he may start looking. Is this a midlife crisis? If so will it pass? Will he ever want to come back home? Please help me I am heart broken!

Noel's response

I don't know whether it is a midlife crisis, although it may be. It is also possible there are other things in your marriage that he found unsatisfying. If he won't go to marriage counselling, I don't know what to suggest. He may come back, and he may not.

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Oct 10, 2010
My husband or 12 years....
by: NWF


How old are you and your husband? It sounds like MLC but age does matter here. I have asked Q's here also and posted comments for a few others. Find them if you can and head my messages and check out the other websites. Posted another answer this morning for another confused woman.

My heart is broken also but I can barely cope with the advice from the other sites. It still s--cks BIG TIME though. I am still married (16 years but I am 54 years old and H is almost 52) but not sure if H will really finish with the divorce that has been going on 6 months now but not gotten very far, I keep delaying it on purpose. It is also this uncertainty that is hurting me right now.

Take care, NWF.

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