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My husband wants to retire, and I don't want him to


Got married two months back, my husband is 11 years my senior divorced was married at 23 and has three kids living in the west with his x...he is an orthopedic surgeon ... he was retired for 2 years after his divorce 4 years back .. he has gone back to work two months back because I never wanted to be with a retired man ...he wants to leave work, he is driving me insane with his lethargy, complaints and lack of enthusiasm for our

Noel's response

It sounds as though your husband went back to work in order to please you, but he really doesn't want to be working. Why not let him retire again? What is so important to you that the man you are with not be retired?

I suspect that because he wants to retire, and you don't want him too, he is starting wonder whether it is worthwhile staying in a marriage where he has to do what he doesn't want to.

If you both are willing to go to marriage counseling, I strongly recommend it.

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