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More on my Midlife Transition

(and beyond)...

When I was forty two, I quit my job as TV news reporter at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (a job I had been passionate just a few months before), and went back to university to complete a Master's degree in Agriculture. (I wanted to find a way for farm families to manage more successfully.)

At the same time I split up with my second wife (my first had died in a car accident fifteen years earlier and I had remarried too soon after being widowed. It never really was a good marriage, and after 13 years of struggle, it just wasn't working for either of us.)

When I finished my degree at age 44, I was on fire! Full of passion for my new career as a farm management trainer, my seven facilitators and I ran a very successful farm management training program.

I figured my 'midlife crisis' was over. And it was, but there was more to come.

When I was about fifty, I suddenly lost energy, focus, and passion. I was no longer interested in running my training program, my libido dropped, I lost confidence in my ability to move forward, and didn't know what to move forward to. I have since learned I went through what is called the "Age Fifty Transition", and it can be just as tough as the "Midlife Transition" that happens around age 40. Each lasts for about five years.

It was when I was in the Age Fifty Transition that I started paying attention! I researched the whole field of transitions, especially at midlife. I interviewed all kinds of men my age to see whether they were experiencing the same thing. Many were.

I interviewed men in their sixties and seventies to see what had happened to them in their forties and fifties. Many had experienced similar challenges to what I was facing.

During that transition I took coach training at the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California, and became a member of the International Coach Federation.

I completed my Age Fifty Transition several years ago, and I have my energy, focus, and clarity of purpose back. I have also gained a LOT of knowledge about midlife transitions, including what the tasks are, and how to go about completing them. 

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