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Find a Good Online Pharmacy

As we age it becomes necessary at times to seek the aid of medications in order to get help with issues such as weight gain, impotence, sleeping, etc.

I've taken the time to investigate and explore the various online pharmacies you can use to find the relief you need, and I have selected some that have good reputations. Their links are below.

I developed this website with the intent of helping you through the challenges you face at midlife, so I felt the need to address the issue of medications.

Before you buy pharmaceuticals (unless your doctor has already prescribed them) please look through the rest of this site to understand why these changes are happening to you now, and what else you can do to manage them.


Suggested Resources:  Here is an online pharmacy that I have checked out, and that has a good reputation. (I have an affiliate account with the company listed here, so I make a small commission when you buy drugs, which helps me maintain this website. This does not affect the price you pay for the drugs.)

Generic Doctor In business since 2007, this site ships worldwide. The average rating from 114 reviews of this site is four out of five stars, and is said to have good customer service. If you are looking for non-controlled generic medicines such as erectile dysfunction or hair loss prevention drugs this would be a good choice. No Prescription required. 

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Maybe you worry about taking medications...

As we age we encounter a variety of psychological and physical changes.

This is absolutely normal.

Remember the changes you went through at puberty?

Think of these new changes as your midlife puberty… ordinary transformations that we all experience.

Fortunately we live at time there is pharmaceutical help!

I am not a big fan of taking medications, but I take some now for the changes that have come along as I have grown older.

I had a heart attack a while back, and took the medications the doctor prescribed for a year. I still take an 81 mg 'baby' aspirin every day, as well as Sytrinol and high doses of vitamin C plus L-lysine (it's call 'medi-C Plus, and I think most people would benefit from taking 1,000-2,000 mg per day, as our bodies do not produce vitamin C.

There are now aids you can use when sleep won't come as easily as before, you've added a bit of extra weight, you’re feeling anxious about your life, your sex life doesn't feel as exciting anymore, etc.


***Please Note***

You should get a medical, preferably from a doctor who is familiar with 'geriatric medicine', before buying prescriptions online, as our bodies respond differently to medications as we age, and many doctors either don't realize that, or don't believe it.