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Personality Change

by Simon's wife

My wonderful 23 year marriage to a loving, kind, generous and thoughtful man unexpectedly and suddenly ended a few months ago, soon after he turned 50, when, without warning, he moved out taking with him all the valuable items from our home and some £12,000 of my money.

He has since provided only minimal financial support, despite his USD 150K p.a. salary, so I cannot afford to engage a solicitor; also, he is now threatening me with an injunction plus costs if I don't stop asking for his help which I desperately need so that I can afford to eat properly and buy medication for my (now) terminal cancer.

He was an educated, highly intelligent, quietly-spoken and cultured upper-middle class gentleman who supported Greenpeace, deplored vulgarity and could not abide hot weather.

He is now behaving totally out of character and has chosen to live and work in Houston, Texas, advising the major energy companies how to extract natural gas by forcing millions of gallons of water containing carcinogenic chemicals into the ground which poisons the water table and causes earthquakes.

All of his family and friends are amazed and cannot understand how he could change so dramatically and act in such a despicable manner whilst I am totally devastated and broken.

Is there any kind of reason or explanation why he has abruptly turned his back on me, all his loved ones and everything that he previously believed in?

Noel's response

It sounds as though he is in a big midlife transition and, as many men do in midlife, has lost interest in all he used to be passionate about, and changed to something totally new.

Is there any government legal aid that you might get to see whether you can force this man to support you the way he should?

I don't know what other action you could take.

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