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Prime Cuts: Life Strategies for Farming After Fifty

Dear Friend,

I wrote Prime Cuts: Life Strategies for Farming After Fifty, after going through my own challenges at midlife, and seeing the kinds of challenges men and women in agriculture face during the middle years and beyond. It is an organized and edited collection of the best of my popular Ranching After Fifty columns in Canada's largest farm paper, The Western Producer, and Beef Magazine, which covers seven US states.

Perhaps you are somewhere in your middle years, and have noticed you are changing. Things you used to be passionate about no longer have as much meaning. You are not even sure you want to keep on farming. Or you are sure you want to keep on farming, but you want to make some changes.

You are more interested in quality of life now than you used to be. You would like closer relationships with your friends and family, but aren't sure how to go about it. Maybe one or more of your adult children would like to farm with you, but you can't even seem to talk to each other about it without everyone getting upset, and you don't know how to structure the business.

I have found that these kinds of issues are common at midlife, and whatever you are feeling, you will probably find it addressed here.

This book is about how we in agriculture can create a rewarding life. After all, what is a farm or ranch for if not to support us while we learn, grow and experience the trials and joys of the human journey?

I hope it gives you some ideas to help you enrich your life.

All the best,

To see the Table of Contents, and Introduction to the book, Click Here 

OK Noel, the book looks pretty good. I would like to take advantage of your special website offer: Prime Cuts