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Pushing him for the divorve!

by Betty Lobato
(Waxahachie Tx 75165)

My husband of 13 1/2 years has moved out and is involved with a 28 year old divorced mother of 2. We don't have any children and we were together 15 years in all. So I'm wondering if he's already said he doesn't love me and that we grew apart, then why hasn't he filed for divorce? He practically lives with his mistress the woman he cheated with while he was still with me... I want him to file already and I asked him to and he's agreed to do so. Did I make a mistake by pushing him? I don't want the divorce but what's the use in being married to a man that is being a husband to someone else?

Noel's response

What is preventing you from filing for divorce? If you want to move the action forward, make the first move.

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