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Returning to school

I'm close to 60 and never finished my college degree for one reason or another. I now have the opportunity to return to college FOR FREE through my employer's gift of knowledge program! I'm excited but also anxious because it has been so long since I've been to school.

Organizing my time seems to be most of my concern since I work every day for 6 hours and now will need time to study, write in APA (?) and such.

Any advice to help me be successful?

Thanks. J

Noel's response

If you have not had to organize your time very effectively in the past, this may be a bit of a challenge, but certainly doable. I think the most important thing is to be studying subjects that you have a strong, if not passionate, interest in. That will give you the motivation to organize your time effectively.

Use a calendar, (I prefer an electronic one such as Microsoft outlook), and schedule in regular work times with breaks.

I don't know whether you watch much TV, but if you do, I recommend you severely limit your TV time, as it will free up lots of other time for more important things.

That being said, don't schedule your time so it is all work and no play. I went back to university in my 40s, and it was wonderful. I was doing freelance writing to finance my way through, so between studying and writing, I often worked 16-18 hour days seven days/week. Eventually my productivity per hour dropped dramatically, so I started taking Sundays off. As soon as I did that - having a day of rest - my productivity went back up again.

I have no doubt you will enjoy this great venture. Have fun!

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