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I'm 44 and divorced 2 years ago. My life is not working. Nothing seems to bring me any enjoyment anymore. I feel stuck. I am no longer interested in activities that use to bring me enjoyment.

I was unable to have sex the last year of my marriage and honestly didn't want to. I found out just before it ended that my testosterone levels were very low making functioning almost impossible for me. My urologist said I would regain my ability which I have.

Although the treatment has helped some I still feel like I'm lost and living a life without purpose. Don't know what to do.

Noel's answer

If you have read the Men's Stories page you will know you are not alone.

I recommend a couple of books: Crossing the Soul's River by William O. Roberts, and

Balancing Heaven and Earth by Robert Johnson.

One of the symptoms of a midlife transition is feeling lost and without direction. I went through a period of 'wandering in the desert' for five years in my early fifties, where I had lost interest in things I used to be passionate about, and could not think of anything that would stir my passion. I was in a mild depression, and nothing seemd to excite or even interest me.

My suggestion is you read some of the other books I recommend on my Your Life Mission page, pray and/or meditate, and take heart in knowing that this too shall pass. I am in my sixties now, and enjoying life more than ever!

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