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Selling off my company

by Andre
(South Africa)

After selling my company 18 months ago, I slowly started sliding backwards! I miss being the CEO, having some status. I cry sometimes in the shower!

Noel's response

When you make a major change, such as selling your company, it is important to replace it with some other meaningful and fulfilling activity. Assuming you have enough money now that you have sold your company, you might look at volunteering your time with an organization (or more than one) that can benefit from your skill and knowledge. There are many worthy non-profit and non-governmental organizations trying to make the world a better place. Check the internet to find some.

You might also look at the 'your life mission' page on this site to help you figure out what your mission is, and what activities would likely be the most fulfilling for you.

I also recommend the New Warrior Training Adventure" target="_blank">New Warrior Training Adventure.

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