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About 3 months ago my husband said to me he loves me but is not in love with me anymore. He wanted a separation. In this time frame I had broken my leg so he didn't leave he stayed to help with our 3 kids. Also in that time frame I found him sneaking over to my ex-female friends house at 5am.

I caught him in her room with the lights off but he said nothing was going on they were just talking. I'm not stupid and don't believe it for a second but even though he wants a separation he would say I love u to me, kiss me, hug me, have sex with me! But he is planning on moving out this week and he said there is a 50/50 chance he will come back.

My heart is broken I have been with him for almost 13 years since I'm 18! He moved us in the house the month before he said this bought himself a new car increased our bills by $700 a month and he is the only provider in the family as I have been home for a while raising the baby. What do I do? I am scared and heart broken ..will he come back to me?

Noel's response

His statement that it is 50-50 whether he comes back is probably as accurate as any guess I could make.

I suggest you see a counselor and/or lawyer to help you figure out what to do with YOUR life with or without him, and to protect yourself financially in case he does not come back.

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