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Sex after testicular cancer surgery?

by Sue

I'm a 53 year old woman who has met a wonderful 56 year old man. We get along great and talk about a future together. He has had one testicle removed due to cancer, and has gained a lot of weight in the past few years. He's currently dieting and always talks about when he was thin. Do you think this is why he hasn't asked me to bed? He's totally open to me in every other way, emotionally-honesty-friendship-etc. Or do I assume he's just not sexually attracted to my body? P.S. he's been divorced twice and is very insecure because of the divorces (they left him). We've been dating for one year.

Noel's response

I may be that he doesn't ask you to bed because of the missing testicle, or perhaps he is self-conscious about his body, or there may some other reason. It sounds as though you have an open enough relationship that you might simply ask him, assuming you want him to ask to go to bed with you.

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