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sex stopped

My Wife and I are 60yrs old. Married for 25 yrs. We Had A Fantastic sex life. From the beginning she had less of a sex drive then Me. We are monogamous. and at 60 years old I'm still on fire for her.

I have a hard time masturbating, because, I need the feel and touch, and everything about her, I Didn't Complain,lol, too much, and I told her "I understood".

Please believe me, she was a tiger at first, and She only had one other partner. I would do anything she asked for sexually.

Ok, now, I'm 60. Can have an erection. 24/7/365.
Evidently, When I Said..... "I understood"........She took that as meaning, thanks for having to "DO IT" anymore.

I was getting comments, like..."take a cold shower", "watch porn", "J**K OFF", I won't watch !
Well...sorry about poor spelling, and rambling on.
Thanks, Jon, in NYC

Noel's response

It is very common for women to lose their sex drive after menopause. My guess is that it is a natural thing, as the women are no longer fertile, so I suppose their bodies don't see the need for sex any more.

For many women, this loss of sex drive is truly alarming, as they (as it sounds as though your wife did) enjoyed sex before menopause.

Most men do not lose their sex drive as they get older, although many find their sex drive much diminished. It sounds as though yours has not!

In his book "Think and Grow Rich", published in the 1960s, Napoleon Hill had a chapter about sex drive and wealth. He suggested transmuting some of the sex drive into other things, such as building a business, learning to invest, etc.
I think it would also be a useful approach for developing an interest/passion for art, music, etc.
I don't know whether that would be an approach you could use.

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