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Sex with my husband

After B dropped (7 1/2 months ago) we did not have sex for 5 months and husband did not move out...but said he wanted a divorce.

We are now having great sex again but he is still insisting he wants a divorce although we get along perfect and I know he enjoys being with me.

Do I remain close to him physically? I want to but I'm unsure if this pushes him away more or not. It's almost like the closer we get...the more control he loses and backs away from me...only to move towards me again. Very confusing.
Any advice?

Noel's response

It is very common for people (men and women) who are uncomfortable with too much intimacy to act in the manner you describe. They get close, then become frightened and pull away.

If he is still saying he wants a divorce, it might be his way of 'keeping distance', or it might be he actually does want a divorce, but likes the easy access to sex.

I don't know what to suggest, except that you talk to him about whether he is serious about a divorce, and if he says he is, let him know you are not available for free sex. If he wants a divorce, you will both have to start acting like it. The way it is now, he can have his cake and eat it too.

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