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sexless newlyweds

by bette

Past history of low T and enlarged prostate(truck driver) Took testosterone injections about 3 years ago. Had a very full sexual past. Many women. Just not me until recently. He wants to sleep all the time. But can stay up at casino blackjack table for 10 hours or more. He takes low dose of blood pressure med and low dose antidepresant. He can get anerectiin but doesn't want me to fondel him or sex. Just cuddle and caress my breast. I am so frustated. 56 Years and young looking and desire sex at least once a week. He is 59 and we have not had sex in 6 weeks. Married almost 2 months. And he was same before. That was a clue! I love him but feel so cheated out of sex before I leave this earth!! He always had younger wives/ girlfriends before me. Hoe do you think that makes me feel. I don't think it'd all low T anymore. Before him was married for 34 years and found out ex had affairs with women all over the world in travels. He divorced me when I found out. Help. So alone.

Noel's response

I don't know what to recommend. If you want sex before you leave this earth, I doubt you will be getting it from this man. You therefore have some choices to make. Perhaps a few visits with a counselor to help figure out what to do would be useful.

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