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Should I leave my husband

Been with my husband a total of 28 years!

We meet March of 1990 ( engaged Aug. 1990) when I was 18-and he was 20. We also had so much fun together ( so I thought) we did everything together - biking,rollerblading , hiking, beach etc
He was a great guy ( had his issues but did not notice them until now.
He would like to tell me what to do and wear but never thought about it because it was not often -
As we got older and he joined the service and had a baby ( in our 30 now) things have changed so much !
Being in the service he is with guys that are only in there teens and early 20s
He likes to hang out with them while he controls me on what I do and where I go. Always telling me how to take care of our son which I have done since day one because he was out with friend, hunting camp, deployed months at a time!!
He wants 3some because everyone is doing it (let’s just say it’s ruined our married ) wants me to have sec with other guys while he watching!!
We had to move for 3 yrs for his job - warm state and as he says the girls are always dressed well and showing of their body and he wants me to dress like that - mine you these girls are in there early 20s and we are now in our mid 40s
He says I do nothing and he has to tell me what to do all the time !!! Which is so not true I work full time , bring my son to school, spots practice , makes dinners, lunches , breakfast , snacks , clean , laundry , groceries , pAy bills - and I do nothing.
I left him March 2018 came home for visit and did not go back he is not happy and wants son back. Our son does not want to go back. I’m just trying to make the right decision.
He is very emotional and verbal abusive and the past year it has become violent ! I can no longer take this any more - almost going on 10 yrs of this! As you know if you were ever in a abusive relationship it’s not easy to leave !!
I want to be happy again I want my son happy again and not him seeing this kind of stuff he has seen to much!
I just need help or suggestion on what to do.
There is do much more that I’m not saying but most of all I’m scared and I feel like I will go back to him once he 3 yrs us up and come back to home!!

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Sep 29, 2018
See a Domestic Violence service
by: Anonymous

I am sorry to hear of your struggles. Please reach out to your local domestic violence services though. They are usually offered free if needed. The most dangerous time for a verbally abusive person to harm and even kill their spouse is when the spouse gets strong enough to leave. The anger will build up and build up. You really need to make sure you have a safety plan. Not to sound like an alarmist, but there are accidental murders by abusive partners all the time. Please be careful and best wishes.

Apr 30, 2018
by: Anonymous

being controlled like that most of your married life is not good, my second wife is like that and we only lasted 3 years, you have your own thoughts and feelings and being ex-military there is help for military wife's (I'm not sayin go back to him)there is personal that can help I just hate seeing men put there wifes through that crap

Apr 29, 2018

by: Noel

It sounds to me as though have made the best decision, and I suggest you see a counselor to help you stick with it.
Not much else I can suggest.

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