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should I take him back.

by mickie

He left me and our son after showing classic mg signs after 20 yrs marriage. Acted cold and selfish unlike him normally. Hooked up with 22 yr old. It's been over a year and now regrets it and wants back. I suffered terribly and now feel good again. What should I xp

Noel's response
It is a tough call for you to make. You have gone through the fire and no doubt come out stronger. My only suggestion is if you do decide to take him back you both go to marriage counselling for a minimum of a dozen appointments. Your marriage has been damaged, and you can't just pick up where you were and carry on.

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Oct 04, 2014
for should i take him back.
by: Anonymous

So sorry you have been threw this. Mine also wanted to come back after about a year and a half.
He is back home now but still has his own rented flat although he does not stay there. It is hard to forgive and forget what they have put you and your children threw. But if you still love him it may be worth trying getting back together on your terms. Mine would not talk about what he had done and would not go to counselling but we are still together at the moment. I still have down days and do not trust him but I am hoping I will overcome these in time. I wish you and your son all the best and hope things work out for you both.

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