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Signs to look for with Midlife Crisis

by Gaye
(Houston Tx, USA)

what are the telltale outward signs of a man going through midlife crisis that women can look for in their mate. Example: hair coloring, mustache coloring, hair plugs, etc.

Behavioral changes too. So that a woman could say about her mate, "oh he's just going through midlife crisis"


Noel's response

Some signs are those you mention - hair coloring, etc. Getting into physical condition (spending a lot of time at the gym) can also be a sign. But these might also just be signs of a man realizing he is looking older and getting out of shape, and wanting to do something about it.

The 'inner signs' are along the lines of dissatisfaction with his life: Suddenly becoming bored with this job and wanting to do something different; suddenly becoming irritable; wanting to associate with different, often younger, people.

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