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Stages of Mid LIfe Crisis

At what stage do men realize what they have done to their spouses? My husband left me after 27 years of marriage. he has been living with his OW for the past year, I hear he is very lonely there, and very remorseful and ashamed for what he has done. I believe he has been in this crisis for over 10 years. There were other affairs before he left for good.. your thoughts?

Noel's response

There is no clear answer about when or what men feel about having left their spouse. Some feel deep regret after a few months, or a year or two, and some are happy with their choice. Some get into a relationship with another woman that doesn't work out, and some get into relationships that are very satisfying.

If he is truly regretful and in an unsatisfying relationship with the OW, and you are still interested in having him back, and if he is willing, you might have a coffee with him and talk about where the two of you are with your lives.

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