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Sudden changes

by carolinagirl

Everything was great when we first got together, but after we got married eveything changed. I found out about all kinds of things he lied about and I excepted him and his life style. He made it seem like he wanted so much out of life and whated to change his life for me and his kids. After we got married he wanted to stay out late, so I told him respect our home or i'm gone. He didn't come home till after 8 a.m., but I wasn't there when he got home. I packed up and left him for two weeks, but he didn't seem to care and got connected with an old ex. There's no way i'm gone for two week and "surprise" she pops up. I believe he has been and still does chat with women. He does things that make me wonder like, making sure he erases his phone, taking calls out of my site, and inviting places he knows i'm not going to go. I'm hurting and I don't know what to do. He is my best friend and he doesn't treat me like i'm his best friend. He says i'm changing, but I changed because he changed. I'm 26, were only five years apart, but it feels like a 20 year differents. What do you think is going on with him? Is it me?

Noel's response

You told him if he didn't change, you were gone. He didn't change (and I doubt he is going to), so you simply need to decide whether you are willing to live with it. If not, leave. It is a hard decision, but your life with him will not get better.

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