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the girl from earlyer years

The Question

Well my husband of almost 20 years has lost his mind. In short he has left me and our two girls for another woman that he knew from earlier years. He filed for a divorce and is living with her in another state, buying her everything and anything. He even had her name tattooed on himself. I

I'm just wondering, how do these things most of the time end up? Will he and her live happily ever after?

Noel's response

The chances are they will not live happily ever after, as after the 'honeymoon' stage of their relationship ends (usually within a year or two), they will be faced with the everyday reality of living with another 'normal' person, with their own wants and fears and annoying habits.

Comments for the girl from earlyer years

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Aug 10, 2011
To the lady that cannot move on.
by: mothership

Sorry with my last comment, you said it was 16 years of marriage, so yes, you had him when he was young, she has him when he is old.

Always think positive to what you want know to make you happy. It is about you know, that no man can destroy another persons life.We don't deserve that. When you are stronger within yourself and you will be, as i am know.

I no you will be able to in time, women are the stronger sex, we stay as some men dont. He will feel the guilt deep down as my ex husband did, but with male ego it was never talked about on, WHY. So when they say to us get a life, then it will be better than theirs.

Always remember through this, she has taken, what we did not want, the betrayal and the lies and the deceit, to hurt the one that loved him. I Hope this will help you. best wishes.

Aug 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is to the comment of the lady who said she can't move on and is over.

This happened to me 5 years ago and because he was a good husband and father, we all still love him, as you feel.My children are grown up and i have 6 grandchildren.We are a loving family.

My ex husband walked out with nothing only the clothes he was wearing and said he wanted another life without me, no other explanation, to go to another woman he met at work. I no how you feel with best wishes to you.

My life felt as you felt. we was married for 32 years, we have a lovely home and very good relationship with the children and good jobs. We have never been given a choice with what has happened. So i say to you. I changed my life around to what makes me happy, even though deep down i still feel the hurt. My children are the priority now and myself to have a good life without him, they do not deserve us, we are the best and no man now can hurt us anymore.

I am now at contentment and i now you can do this as well. rise above this other woman as to us she means nothing and to him as well, the fantasy will wear off and time is a healer, you may not think that, BUT IT IS.

Hold in there girl,be proud to never let this other woman take control of you as she has your husband,they don't have a life, and steal others goods had him when he was young, she had got him 5 years older and she is second nature. Did you not no that some men who do this their heart is in their pants and not where it should be, that is always with the memories of his first family, fantansey is not real, and when Midlife crisis comes to an end, they wake up to reality and come out of their coma.

let him know you have a life better than him, and you have moved on to be happy again,i know it will be hard, but if i can do it then so can you. best wishes.

Jun 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

im 54 and my husband 59. we've been together for 5yrs and got married less than a yr ago.

he's been depressed for half that time as he lost his job and got bored sitting around. i found out he'd been having an affair for the past few months with a much younger woman, he'd been acting even more distant than before, losing weight, taking a greater pride in his looks (and didn't come to bed at nights) i begged him not to leave me and to get rid of this other girl. hes back! but things are still far from right, still depressed and hardly talking to me.

how can we try to repair the damage done by the affair when hes still so depressed (and i believe that this was what led him to the affair in the first place) i'm afraid that if we cant get to the bottom of the depression then he'll go back to this girl. could he be having a midlife crisis?. HELP!

May 04, 2011
the man with comments leaving for the girl of early years
by: Anonymous

And that is all, the girl is from early years,wake up and open your eyes, you are her get out ticket from her real family that exists that she is running away from.

if it was not you it would be another fool to pay the bills to keep her in the custom she desires and that is all, why do these men always fall for it, you said to either leave your wife or to go for the woman who you call sole mate, rubbish the excitement wont last, if you want to play her seedy game then leave the wife who looked after you, you don't deserve your wife anyway. you said to go with your heart. What heart, do you have one, or has she stolen that as well, be careful you may never get it back, that's if you had one

Apr 22, 2011
Feeling life is empty and over
by: Trying Hard to Move on

Here is the support of the lady whose husband left for another woman.

I am one of them women whose husband of 16 years left for another woman. I was so hurt I had to be placed in a Behavioral Health facility to overcome my loss. He had no sense to even apologize for what his done.

After the admission, I felt a little better but just could not let go, I constantly had thoughts of doing things to get him to come back but as I learned it wasn't worth it until he himself get the help. The woman he ended up with is no help for she is one of them woman who needs the security of their income.

So therefore, for sure she is not going to let go of him, he pays for everything. I have a steady, well paid job, I was the main one who paid for everything until I helped him obtain a job, now he has no sense in supporting his kids. Oh well is what I say, like Mr. Noel says, the honeymoon will be over and his sexual desires will not be there, at least you had him when he had the desires of loving you and needing you when you wanted him as well.

You got the best of him with two sons, I had the best of him with our daughters and a home we built together. One of the ladies mentioned, we are the mother ship with everything we had with him, the woman is now with the alien.

I know we still love them with all our hearts and it will always stay there but we have a responsibility of ourselves. We as woman can overcome the loss and regain our power as a woman and face the world. Good luck to you. I hope you overcome of your loss and live a happy life. We woman deserve it.

They don't because their sick in the head with their desires of sex... love comes from the heart and not from money, sex or anything else.

Jan 26, 2011
the girl from early years
by: Anonymous

I have just read the comment, for you to go with your heart. You say you are on your third marriage. you obviously don't no what you want in life. Did you not know that some men have their hearts in their pants and not in the place it should be? Otherwise you would feel all the emotional pain that you would cause to another person that you once loved.

The other woman is in the same fantasy world that most men are in and that has nothing to do with love. Did you not know that the other woman has not got a life and takes and sucks off others good fortune? Get real. Sorry that you don't have the respect for your wife and yes I had a good and loving life with my husband till he destroyed and took that away, just as you are going to do. i feel for your wife with great sympathy, think of her, that is, if you can.

Oct 20, 2010
reg the girl from earlier years
by: Anonymous

I know how devastating this is. My husband left me for an ex girlfriend. I put him out last October after finding an email he sent her declaring his undying love always.

We were married 32yrs have two grown up sons and what I thought was a happy marriage, that ok needed a little kick in the backside, but nothing this major as we were not arguing or fighting. We didn't go out as much but isn't everyone a bit like that after all those years together?

Any way its been a year since I put him out of our home as I just could not cope with the hurt in the run up to this.

He says it has nothing to do with her its obvious that hes trying to protect her. They have bought a house together and he has introduced her to his family!

I just cant bear the thought of that woman with my husband. Our sons want nothing to do with her as she knew the situation but still proceeded to get in touch with him. My life feels empty and over.

Sep 27, 2010
the girl from earlyer years
by: Anonymous

This is similar to my situation.

I am 50, working on my third marriage and now I believe I have found the woman of my dreams. So what do I do - Stay with my wife and kids or go with my "heart"?

I have known her for over 4 years and she is planning to leave her husband too. She is my only true love. We are soul mates!

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