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Thinking of changing my career, lifestyle....everything

Dear Noel,

First and foremost, congratulations on this website and even more on embarking on the amazing journey of self-discovery.

It feels like I am going the thru the "Two Crises" at the same time. I think my 'Existential Crisis' is probably driving my 'Right Livelihood' crisis.

I have been working for a large Bank IT department for the past 13 yrs. In those years, I have also gone thru a spiritual awakening(and still going thru it). My job does not make sense to me at all. I just cannot go one more day with it.

I feel that my true passions are environmental protection (Sustainability), and helping others find their spiritual self. I am also a gifted speaker and communicator.

In the next 1 year, I am planning to quit my job, set-up a sustainable farm in India, enough to generate income for the family. And also speak and teach on spirituality.

I am based out of New York. I am married to a wonderful partner and we are expecting our first baby in July.

If I go ahead with my plans, I would be asking my family, and myself, to go thru a large change in their lives (and my wife is quite supportive so far). I just don't know if the change I am trying to make is towards my "life mission" or just another new thing that I will get bored of.

I am afraid that I would be making large financial and life decisions, without being completely sure if this is what I ultimately want.

When you decided to go after Sustainability, were you 100% sure? Or was to some extent a leap of faith?

Thanks again and on a lighter note, "may the force be with you".

Best Wishes,

Noel's answer

You certainly are in transition!

It sounds as though you do need to make a change in order to feel fulfilled. You know from the men's stories page that many men suddenly lose interest in their jobs at midlife, and switch to something more fulfilling to their souls.

As far as starting a sustainable farm in India to generate income for your family, my only caution would be that you should have a very significant savings account, and some farming experience before you embark on this. If you do not have, I suggest you spend some time working (even volunteering your time), on a sustainable farm in New York State, so you learn some of the ropes.

Being successful at farming requires dedication, knowledge and experience, just as does any other vocation, and I believe it is easier to make money in agriculture North America than anywhere else in the world.

I am guessing by your name that you are either from India, or have family in India, to that should help you get established there.

I assume by your 'life mission' you mean the passions you mentioned: Sustainability, and helping others grow spiritually. That being the case, you might brainstorm with some friends the many ways you can carry out that mission before you settle for sure on moving to India, where, I assume, it is harder to make a living.

You might also hire a life coach to help you clarify your mission, and the appropriate action to take. You can search for a suitable coach here:

If you want to also make a living as a speaker and teacher, I suggest you join the national speaker's association ( to learn how build a business as a speaker.

When I clarified my mission ("to help people take better care of the earth") when I was in my early forties, quitting my job and going back to university felt right.

After I finished my Master of Agriculture degree, deciding to start a business teaching Holistic Management felt like the best choice I could come up with, but it took all the money I had, plus all the credit I had, to get it off the ground.

So I was sure teaching people to take better care of the earth was the right thing to do, but quitting my job, going back to school, and starting the business were leaps of faith, even though I had experience as a business owner and teacher before that.

As far as getting bored, when I hit fifty, even though I had been passionate about teaching Holistic Management, I suddenly lost interest in it, and even lost the clarity of my mission.

No matter what you choose, this too shall pass, so 'live as if your hair is on fire'!

May the Force be with you as well!


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