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Was a Crisis, Now a Success

by Zack
(San Francisco, CA)

I was like most mid-life males, depressed and frustrated by the quality of partners in relationships and work. One day, like a beam of light from the blue, it occurred to me to satisfy a childhood dream. I went crazy and bought a new Porsche. I know you are thinking, what's with this guy and where does he get the money. Initially, that was my attitude. Dynamite car, but the cost ! I have a creative friend who showed he how to drive a new Porsche for the payments of a Honda Civic. Did the car make a difference ? Well, I never lonely anymore. I can tell you the thrill of driving a new Porsche is even more than I dreamed of as a kid. And, the dating thing, the car pulls them in like a commercial fishing net in the ocean.

Noel's response

Sounds as though you are having fun! I hope you also do the internal work of your midlife transition, while the Porsche helps you in the fun and dating department.

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