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what are the signs when the midlife ends

by shirley

The Question

What are the signs when a male midlife crisis ends? How do we know? Do they show their feelings and normality to their family that they lost?

Noel's response

Although it is by no means universal, when a midlife crisis ends, the man is different than he was before it started. He may be more 'settled' within himself, may be more emotionally available, and may relate more kindly to his family, even if he has lost it.

He may decide he wants to be part of the family again, but it is just as likely that he won't, as he will be a different person than he was before the MLC.

Comments for what are the signs when the midlife ends

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Jul 23, 2017
Why is midlife crisis difficult to get through?
by: Mike

I can say that going through a midlife crisis can be hard to get through I have been struggling with it for two years! I went from being myself a happy go lucky guy to being really depressed and just wanting to be alone. I'm starting to get back to my old self but it's really difficult why is it?

Jan 21, 2014
End of midlife crisis
by: Anonymous

I am guessing my husband who is approaching to the end of the midlife crisis. I notice that there is changes from his out of character behaviour to what i find from him now:

- Always needs a nap around 5-6pm daily.
- His feminine side comes out, sensitive and considerate
- is indecisive most of the time
- willing to catch up with old friends but still withdraw from parents (2 years no contact and no response to emails and phone call)
- bad behaviour e.g. porn addict is still carrying on.
- looking for family car and telling me that he is not keen to have "red" anymore.
- thinking of retirement and planning to save $ for it.

Overall, he is more calmer, more settled. Although he is still keeping in touch with his multi-affair partners, he spent most of his time with me always. It takes him total more than 7 years come to this stage. I am already very exhausted and i am unable to cope any his crazy act anymore. If he still has energy to "replay" again ... i will ask him to leave as i want to have a peaceful mind in the rest of my life.

Jan 09, 2011
signs of male mid life crisis when ended
by: Anonymous

hi noel,

your last answer you said after the male midlife crisis ends, i asked what signs are there and you said he may want to be a part of the family as he will be different. And he may not be a part of the family.

Does that mean he cannot feel the connection of what we meant to him before, or just does not want the responsibility of his family, and if so why take on another woman with the same responsibilities, while we are kept as the strangers from the past?

Will he not realize that we are his family that loves him or has that been lost as well in this mlc coma.

Noel's response:

He may or may not realize you are his family that loves him. It varies from person to person.

Sometimes the 'midlife affair' ends at the end of the midlife transition, and sometimes it carries on to a long-term relationship.

Sometimes the man goes back to his wife, and sometimes that relationship no longer works for him.

He usually, but not always, will want a closer relationship with his children, even if he does not want to be back with his wife.

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