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What do I do? Something's wrong w/my husband!

by Erica
(Corpus Christie tx, nueces )

My husband and I have a good, and open relationship. He has a daughter, from someone else. I am now pregnant with his second child. When we usually argue and we talk about it. Well these past couple of days, he just walks away, and tonight has been the worst ever. We were discussing about his daughter going into daycare. He took things way out of hand, and said negative things to me and his mom, when we are just questioning, and concerns of her knowledge. We were having family dinner, and he exploded on me and his mom. He has been like that with me where I can't even say something and walk away. But tonight was big. He acted like a child and said forget everything, I won't do this and that, and said I'm going to sleep. His personality has changed too. I don't know what to do any more. It makes me sad because I feel like things aren't getting better. I feel as if they are getting worse. I dislike the fact of sleeping alone, and not being able to talk, I dislike the fact we aren't separable anymore. Now it's no problem. Can someone please give me advice???

Noel's response

I don't know whether your husband is in a midlife transition (some of what you describe sounds like midlife symptoms), or is simply immature. I recommend marriage counseling f he will go. Otherwise, try, using 'I statements', to let him know how his behaviour affects you, and ask whether he will talk with you about what to do.

If nothing changes, I recommend seeing a counselor to help you figure out what to do.

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