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What is Wrong With Me?

by Confused

I am 29 and my boyfriend is 42 We have been Seeing Each other for almost 5 years. When we first got together he lied and said he was single after two months together I started to get suspicious because we can never go to his house. He finally admitted that he was in an unhappy relationship so i continued to see him. After two years I found out I was pregnant with his child two months after that he met and moved in with another woman. I was devastated we didn't talk for months and then we started sleeping together again this went on for another 2 years. He left her in August because he found out she was cheating on him. He moved into his own house and I started to stay over there a lot I thought things were going great and we would finally be together. Last Week I started to notice that he was avoiding me and would only come by my house or when I got to his house he would only meet me outside and he was always lying saying he was just about to leave. Four days ago I saw another woman over there and I confronted her and she told me she was his girlfriend that they had just met and she is already moved in with him. I am completely heart broken I just cannot believe he would do this to me again. When he was caught up he just got mad a me for finding him out but he still chose to let her stay. Now he is still trying to control me calling me and coming to my house like nothing happened. I feel like im losing my mind I can't take anymore pain. Why am I always getting a raw deal?

Noel's response

It sounds as though you get a 'raw deal' because you hang have hung in with this man who is obviously a liar and cheater, and not likely to change.

I suggest you drop this loser and don't take him back no matter how much he badgers you. And get some counseling to help you deal with whatever it is in yourself that makes you fall for such men.

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