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What to do next

by Heartbroken

My husband has recently filed for a divorce after 17 years of marriage. I totally don't want a divorce. I have begged and pleaded for this not to take place. His grandfather recently passed away and they was very close . A month after that he said I'm done I don't love you anymore and I can't be married to you any longer. I don't understand what happened. We have a son that is 9 and they was always like two peas in a pod until he decided he wanted a divorce. He travels with his job and since this has all took place he took some of his clothes and left. He only comes back home as he calls it about every 3 weeks now. He filed for a divorce about 6 weeks ago and I am fighting it. He hardly ever calls me or our son anymore. And that's just not like him to push our son away like that. Evan though he filed for the divorce when he comes home he sleeps in the bed with me and no one forces him to do that. There is other places for him to sleep.he hasn't taken any of his personal things from our house just a few extra clothes the day he first walked out. He has also left some things he got when his grandfather passed away. Which I don't understand that all. He says the only real people in his life is father and step- mother. And that he doesn't need me or anyone else. He only needs himself now. I really don't understand or know what to do to stop this craziness . Please help me and tell me what to do. I really love him and don't want to give up on him. Just don't know what to do anymore. Please help!!!

Noel's response

I am not sure what to suggest. You might show him this website, in case he can 'see himself' in it.

I don't know how to make him stop the divorce, or come back home to stay. It is a shame that your son is also suffering from his dad leaving.

You might want to set some boundaries with him, such as making him sleep in a different bed when he does come home. The fact that he has left and filed for a divorce means at least for the moment his 'marriage privileges' no longer exist.

You might talk to a counselor to get help figuring out how to move forward with your life with or without your husband.

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