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why a woman 43 sleep with a young male..

I have a son that was 22yrs and a woman 43 has sex with him, and her daughter at the time was 18 and she also has at the time was 14,anyway he lives with her now and she tells him she is IN Love but he has never told her back, he goes out drinking and sometimes he doesn't come home all night, and he does not like anyone saying that she is his girlfriend, He says they are nothing but friends, even to her.. However, I as a parent can not tell him what to do or whom to sleep with, so i leave it alone.. But on her part everytime he goes out drinking and all she will call me at all hours of the night or wee hours in the morning telling me all there business, and i am appauled at some of the things said by her, as it is more than alitlle bit too much information, and i just think she has some kind of disorder, and her son he stays in his room most of the time and he doesn't like my son, and i just do not know what too think anymore.what is wrong with this picture?

Noel's response

This doesn't sound like a midlife question, but I will make a suggestion.
The woman sounds as though she has no boundaries, and maybe she just likes sex with a younger man.

As for her calling you in the wee hours and telling you stuff you really don't want to know, tell her firmly that she is not to call you later than a certain hour (e.g. 10:00 pm), and that you do not want to hear intimate details, and if she does call you too late, or tries to talk about stuff you don't want to hear, simply hang up.

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